Moderating your community

One of the privileges of being a community administrator is that you can moderate your community to ensure that all the discussions held in your community are honest and proper, as well as to lead the conversations that take place.
You are free to moderate the community independently, using your discretion, provided that it follows our Terms of use and your Community Guidelines. 
As part of the community moderation team, you can:
  • Edit and delete any posts or replies in breach of community guidelines. 
    N.B. Please remember to "Report" the content prior to moderation for documentation purposes. 
  • Restrict members that do not comply with warnings
  • Escalate cases to the HealthUnlocked team via the "Report" feature. The team will assess the situation and take appropriate action, which may include banning the account.
All community admins and moderators will receive an email notification when content is reported within their community. The "Report" functionality is the most effective way for members to flag content and keep the community as safe as possible. 
The ability to moderate your community is a powerful tool that, beyond the occasional need for policing, allows you to set the tone and the atmosphere for your community members. You will find our complete guide on how to moderate within your Community's admin section.
Please remember that the HealthUnlocked team is always available to reply to your questions and help you when going through demanding moderation cases. Please don't hesitate to contact us using the link below.
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