How do I restrict a member of my community?

As part of your role as a community administrator, you may occasionally find that one of your members behaves inappropriately or violates the guidelines of either your community or HealthUnlocked. In such instances, you may decide to restrict them from your community.

You can follow the steps below to restrict a member of your community:

Please note that you must follow the same steps to unrestrict a member.
 1. Click on the "Admin" button on the righthand side of your community homepage

2. You will now be in the community settings menu; click the "Followers" button on the lefthand side

3. You will now see a page showing all of the members in your community. You can now either use the search engine or browse through the list to locate the member you wish to restrict

4. Once you have found the member in question, click "Restrict" beneath their username

5. You will now be presented with the following menu. Select the "Restrict" button to prevent them from writing posts or comments in your community

1. Open a post from the user you would like to restrict

2. Click "More" located next the to the "Follow post" button and select "Restrict User"

3. Confirm this action by selecting the green "Restrict" button

Restricted users will not be able to reply or post in a community, and they will not be able to contact any member of that community. 

If you have an ongoing concern with a member/s, please contact us below!

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