What is the role of the community administrator?

Community administrators play a crucial role in HealthUnlocked. They are primarily there to provide support and advice, as well as to engage with members whenever possible.

A community administrator will usually have a certain expertise in the condition or topic of that particular community which they can share with their members. Another area of duty is to moderate their respective communities and ensure that the Community Guidelines of both HealthUnlocked and their own specific community are respected. If community administrators feel that a guideline have been violated, they are able to restrict or ban accounts.

If your account is restricted, although you are still a member of HealthUnlocked, you cannot access many of the HealthUnlocked features in your community aside from reading posts and sending private messages. In this instance, please get in touch with your community administrator for more information.  

If your account has been banned, your activity on our site was deemed too damaging for other HealthUnlocked members to be allowed to remain. This means your profile, posts and messages will have been deleted and you will be unable to login. 

Please note that both the administrators of different communities and HealthUnlocked consider member safety and privacy of paramount importance and will not hesitate to act to protect it.

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