How do I report content?

By using the Report feature, you’re helping to keep your community and HealthUnlocked as safe as possible.

Find out what kind of content to report here or section 6 of our Terms of use

Report content:

  1. Click "Report" below the body of a post or reply OR next to the date when the message was sent.
  2. Select a reason to give context OR choose "Other" AND click "Continue"
  3. If you want to give more context, write a comment in the box provided
  4. Click "Send report"

These reports will be checked by community administrators and moderators in accordance with community guidelines and Terms of use.

Report a profile:

  1. Click "Report" next to "Message" button on a member's profile
  2. Add more context to the report below the question "Why do you want to report this profile?"
  3. Click "Send a message"
An email will be sent to the HealthUnlocked team for investigation and actions will be taken if required and commensurate with Terms of use.
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