What content should I report?

We take your privacy and safety extremely seriously.
The best way to ensure that both the HealthUnlocked Support Team and Community Administrators are aware of any situation is to use the "Report" feature.  
General rule:
Report any content you feel it shouldn't be on HealthUnlocked.
Any post, reply, or private message that does one of the following should be reported at the earliest opportunity. 
  • attempt to damage, insult, bully (or anything similar) any other member of HealthUnlocked  
  • promotion a user's business (or someone else's business) or encouraging people to visit their website. 
  • individuals trying to take contact information from you 
  • potential scam
  • endeavours to persuade members into doing something that could be damaging or harmful
  • member at risk of self-harm
  • under 16 years old member
Members found to be violating the Community Guidelines or the Terms of Use may be either restricted or banned from the site.
Banned members will have all of their content (posts, comments, private messages) permanently removed from the site.
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