How do I create a post?

To create a post, follow the steps below: 

For desktop users:
1. Click on the "What's your question?" box at the top of your news feed. 
2. Select the community you would like to post in from the options. 
1. Click on ‘My Hub’ on the top menu and select the name of the community you want to create a post in 
2. On the community homepage, click on "Write" in the top right hand corner of the page.
3. Write the title and message of your post in the appropriate boxes. The title and body text must have a minimum of 5 characters to be validated. The body text has a maximum of 7000 characters.
5. To add an image, mention other members and format your post by clicking on the toolbar. Please note that image files must be 2MB or smaller.
6. To make it easier for others to find your post you can select a topic, by clicking the light-yellow label.
7. Select who the post is visible to: 
"Anyone" means that the post/question, as well as the replies to it, can be seen by users who are not members of that community as well as visitors who do not have HealthUnlocked accounts. 
"Only community members" means that only members of the community can see the author's username and the full post/question and replies. Non-members will only be able to see the post title. 
All posts, whether for "Anyone" or for "Only community members", can be found by outside search engines, but private "Only community members" posts will still have that visibility limited. 
8. If you are satisfied with your post, click the "Submit" button
For mobile users: 
1.  Click on the "Write" box at the top of your news feed. 
2. Select the community you would like to post in from the options.
3. Follow the steps from 2. for desktop users 
You have now successfully written a post/question! 
If you have any questions or encounter any technical difficulties, please contact us below!
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