How do I change who can see my post?

Once you have written your post, at the bottom you will see a "share" dropdown with two options: Anyone and Community only.

To change who can view your post, select the Share option at the bottom of your post.

Anyone (Recommended)

Includes people who are not yet members of the community or HealthUnlocked, but who are looking for help online.

HealthUnlocked is designed for you to be anonymous. As long as you are following the guidelines by not sharing identifiable information (such as real names, location, and contact information), your posts should be safe to be viewed by, and help anyone. 

You can find our online safety tips here. This option is the best to help the community reach and help more people facing the same health challenges as you.

Community only

Includes those members of HealthUnlocked who are members of your community. Only community members will be able to see your whole post.

This option might be needed when a post contains sensitive, high-risk topics which could be triggering for others reading it.

Important: selecting 'community only' does not make your post secure or private.

HealthUnlocked is a large network. Regardless of your choice, we encourage you to stay anonymous:

  • Don't share your real full name
  • Don't share your contact details
  • Don't share any other piece of information that could identify you
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