How do I turn off replying on posts?

Community admins, partners, and moderators all have the ability to turn off / on replying to a post to control the activity in the replies section. This is a useful tool to manage any conflicts developing on the community, or as a way of sharing information-only posts (i.e. Community Guidelines)

Before choosing to turn off replies to a post, please consider the steps below:

1. Do any edits

You won't be able to edit content when replying is turned off.

2. Add a reply to explain and / or guide future visitors

You won't be able to reply when replying is turned off.

  • When taking action to stop conflict or trolling/spamming on the replies section, consider mentioning if the action is temporary and link to your community guidelines. You can also link to the help center article Why replying was turned off?
  • If you want to turn off replying to prevent new replies on a post that is outdated, take into consideration that the post might still receive a fair amount of visitors interested in joining the conversation. In those cases, turning off replying could affect community growth. If you can't avoid it, please link to another post that visitors can reply to.

3. Select 'turn off replying

Partners, admins, and moderators can see the 'Turn off replying' option on the post drop-down menu.

When you confirm the action the post author will receive an email notification. Post author and repliers will no longer be able to edit their content on the post, but they can still delete it.

NOTE: Before turning off replying on posts by deceased users, make sure the profile is Memorialised to prevent the notifications to the user's email.


4. Select 'turn on replying'

If the activity on the replies section was temporary (e.g. wave of spammers) you can go back to the drop-down menu to undo it.

NOTE: This will not trigger an email to the post author, but you might want to contact them through private message.


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