Your profile on HealthUnlocked

Your profile information appears on your profile page and in a profile card (that is a summary of the page), both are visible only to other HealthUnlocked members. HealthUnlocked visitors can only see your username and avatar.

What is my profile for? 

1. To help you connect with others on HealthUnlocked
2. To help HealthUnlocked share relevant recommendations with you (e.g. communities, posts, people, local resources)

What do others see on my profile? 

You can view your profile by selecting 'View my profile' from your edit profile page:
You can choose what is displayed on your profile, with a few exceptions:
  • Postcode is always hidden
  • Username, images and bio/your story are always visible

Everything else: Gender, age (we ask for date of birth but we only display age), country, ethnicity, medical conditions and associated details and health interests can be hidden from display by selecting 'Hide'

Can I complete my profile and stay anonymous?

Yes, you can have a completely anonymous profile even if you add and display all of your profile information to other members. 
Here are a few questions you should ask yourself if you want to stay anonymous:
  • Does my username contain my real name or another piece of information that could identify me? 
  • Do I have a profile image that clearly displays my face? 
  • Did I add anything to my profile bio/story that could identify me? e.g. if you have a rare condition and you live in a very small town, mentioning your hospital name on your bio/story could be enough to identify you. Click here for more information on how to stay anonymous on HealthUnlocked.
If you answered 'No' to all questions it is very unlikely that anyone would be able to identify you. Unless there is someone in the community that knows you personally and could pick up on other factors, e.g. writing style etc.

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