Can I complete my profile and stay anonymous?

Yes, you can have a complete and anonymous profile on HealthUnlocked. 

You can choose what is displayed on your profile, with one exception: username, images and bio/your story are always visible

Everything else can all be hidden from display by selecting 'Hide' when completing the profile

To make sure you are anonymous, ask yourself:

  • Does my username contain my real name or another piece of information that could identify me? 
  • Do I have a profile image that displays my face? 
  • Did I add anything to my profile bio/story that could identify me? e.g. if you have a rare condition and live in a small town, mentioning your hospital name could be enough to identify you. 

If you answered 'No' to all questions, it is doubtful that anyone would be able to identify you unless someone in the community knows you personally and could pick up on other factors, e.g. writing style, etc.

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