Explore recommendations

Recommendations based on your profile and activity on HealthUnlocked.
Above each section on your Explore page (e.g. Communities, Members), you can see some of the information that inspired those recommendations (e.g. " Because you have the following health interests...")

How does it work? 

The recommendations are automatically generated primarily based on the information you add to your profile.

What if I don't like my recommendations?

The best way to improve your recommendation is to update your profile on HealthUnlocked. If your profile is 100% complete and you still don't find your recommendations relevant, please get in touch to help us improve
Please note: With the exception of 'Members' recommendations, even the information you made 'Hidden' will be considered. This is because these are only visible to you. 
'Members' recommendations work like the 'Similar to me' filter in your communities and only consider visible profile information. That is because those will appear on the profile card you see. The profile card is a summary of the profile page and respects the selections of what is 'Hidden' from others.
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