Opportunities by email

As part of the HealthUnlocked mission, we are committed to sharing research and other opportunities that can further improve the understanding of the condition areas impacting our members.

We will occasionally contact you via email to inform you about these opportunities.
To clarify, these emails will:
  • Inform you of research opportunities in which your insights and experiences could help patients in the future
  • Be relevant to you and the communities you follow
  • Be occasional

Our research opportunities will usually be part of a joint effort between HealthUnlocked and our sister company HealthVibe. 

As a way to make sure our emails are genuine, please consider the following advice:

1. You will find the following banner at the top of the email

2. Emails will always come from the address  notifications@email.healthunlocked.com
3. Emails will be signed by Saskia at HealthUnlocked
4. The compensation, if any, can be stated in pounds or in US dollars. For some opportunities, the email will clearly indicate that the compensation can be redeemed in your local currency.
You can opt out at any time by unselecting the option on your email settings: "Email me about opportunities (e.g. surveys, clinical trials, paid market research, new patient communities) that might interest me." 
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