Community Metrics

Located in the admin section are the community metrics, these can help to determine the growth of the community and understand the followers' behaviour.

The metrics can be adjusted to compare growth and behaviour over a particular time period and between different months, to do this, select the month and year and click ‘add column’.

The metric terms are explained by the following:

Active Members
Number of followers who have logged in during the specified period

New Members 
Number of new followers in the specified period

All-time Members    
Number of total followers (does not account for unfollows or deleted/banned members)

Average Session Duration    
A session is defined as a group of interactions taking place on the community within a single visit

Page Views   
Total number of pages viewed by community followers

New Content    
New posts and replies during the specified period

All-time Content
Total posts and replies

Monthly Sessions   
Number of sessions per month

Data Start    
The start date of data collection

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