Community campaigns

Campaigns appear on the community homepage and on post pages.

Who can create campaigns?

Moderation team members with the Partner badge and HealthUnlocked staff members can create campaigns. The campaign author is clearly indicated by the 'Featured by' below the content.

What type of campaign can I create as a community owner?

Campaigns can be created to promote content inside your community or to signpost external content that matters to the community.
  • Signpost community announcements (e.g. pinned post)
  • Promote events (e.g. fundraising dinners)
  • Signpost community polls
  • Promote a mailing list (e.g. newsletters)
  • Signpost services (e.g. helpline)
  • Promote fundraising activities
Please consider our terms of engagement when planning community campaigns.

How do I create a campaign?

Community owners can create campaigns using the ‘Campaigns’ tab in the admin section. Click on ‘create campaign’ and fill all the required fields 
  • Add a campaign name to appear on the reporting screen inside the admin section. You can add anything that is easy for you to remember. This will not be visible on the community when the post is published
  • Fill in the campaign content: title, body, url and call to action. The character limits are set to ensure the campaign will be easy to read and fit well on mobile devices. You can click ‘Preview’ to see how your campaign will look.
  • Review targeting options to ensure your campaign will be reaching the most relevant audience.

NOTE: Your campaign will start immediately, so complete the campaign section only when you are ready to go live.

How do I edit a campaign?

Go to the reporting screen and click on the campaign name. Make any changes and hit ‘Save campaign’.

NOTE: Saving changes will NOT make your campaign active, to do that you need to change the campaign status on the reporting screen.

How do I delete a campaign?

Go to the reporting screen and click on the campaign name, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Delete’.

NOTE: Deleting a campaign is permanent and will remove it from the results list.

How do I stop / restart a campaign?

You can activate or deactivate campaigns on the reporting screen.

Community owners can have up to 3 campaigns running at any time, which will appear at the top of the reporting screen.

Where can I see how my campaign is performing?

When a campaign is created they appear on the ‘Campaigns’ tab in the admin section. The table displays the following performance metrics:

Metric     Definition
Reach     The number of people who saw your campaign at least once.
Clicks     The total number of clicks on the campaign.
Click rate     The total number of clicks divided by the reach.
Dismissals     The number of times the campaign was closed.

Why my campaign has a low reach? 

Only one campaign appears for each user. If you have more than one live campaign targeting the same country, they will appear in order of priority to each person.

If someone dismissed the highest priority campaign, then the second-highest priority will appear for that person. 

For this reason, your highest priority campaign will likely be the ones with more reach. 

To change that you can deactivate campaigns or change their priority.

How will HealthUnlocked use campaigns?

HealthUnlocked will use the campaigns tool within communities. The campaigns will signpost useful content, research activities and other relevant services (both within HealthUnlocked and external services). These include:

  • Links to useful content inside of HealthUnlocked - posts, communities, users, other product features
  • Market research opportunities
  • Clinical trial opportunities
  • Links to editorial content
  • Links to related products and services

All posts will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the site.

NOTE: If HealthUnlocked is running a campaign, this campaign will appear first and your campaign will appear after. 

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