What to do when a member has passed away?

In the unfortunate event that a member passes away, we have developed an “In Memoriam” feature. This allows their profile page to remain on the site as a memory but deactivates their account.

Memorialised profile pages will have the word “Remembering” above the username.

The member’s posts and replies will still be visible, but all personal information will be hidden. The account can still be Followed by other members as a way to access the member's valuable content.

Memorialised accounts cannot be contacted via private message. Also, no email notifications will be sent out to the account email inbox.

To request the memorialisation of an account on behalf of a member, please email support@healthunlocked.com, through the members email address as proof of the account holder. In exceptional circumstances, we will accept the request from trusted administrators. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly. 

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