What happens when I close my account with HealthUnlocked?

We are sorry to hear that you want to close your HealthUnlocked account.

When you close your account:
  • Your public profile won't be accessible by other members.
  • All your posts and replies will remain on the site, but your avatar and username will appear as hidden and anonymized.
  • All data will be kept safely stored in accordance with our Privacy policy or until you request your right to be forgotten.
We do this to ensure that the helpful support you have provided during your time with HealthUnlocked is still available to others in similar positions to you. Keeping the content of posts and replies is also really helpful for keeping existing conversations in context - it can look really odd if members are replying to deleted replies!
If you’re thinking about closing your account with HealthUnlocked, we would really appreciate getting feedback from you as to why. Was it something we did?! If you have any comments on how we can do better, please direct them here.
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