Why am I being asked to sign in every time I access HealthUnlocked?

Often, we get emails from users reporting that they have to sign in every time they access our site. 

If this is happening to you, it is probably related to your browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) privacy settings. Click here to read more about which browsers we support and which are incompatible.
Are you accessing HealthUnlocked via Private browsing?
HealthUnlocked use “cookies” to store information about your site preferences, login status and other data. So accessing HealthUnlocked on Private mode means that:
  • Changes made to your account settings will not be saved
  • You will not remain logged in to your account
  • Your internet history will not be saved
  • New passwords will not be saved
  • Other similar problems
You can read more about the Private mode of your preferred browser below:
1) Google Chrome - read here
2) Mozilla Firefox - read here
3) Internet Explorer 11 - read here
4) Safari - read here
If you are experiencing technical difficulties, we ask that you first check to see if they are likely to be caused by your browser.
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