Why should I verify/confirm my email address?

It is important that you verify your email address, as this confirms to us that the email address belongs to you.
You can verify your email address by clicking on the link in the verification email we sent you. 
Once you have confirmed that you are the owner of that address, we can send you HealthUnlocked notifications.   
Unfortunately, until you confirm/verify your email address we are unable to send you email updates about:  

  • Replies to your posts and questions
  • New direct messages to your HealthUnlocked inbox
  • Daily or weekly notifications with content from your communities  

How do I know if my account is unverified?  

If you have a yellow bar at the top of your screen when you are logged in, your account has not been verified. If you are unable to find the verification email in your inbox, please follow the steps below:  

  • Check to see that the email address associated with your account is correct. You can check this by looking at your email address in your account settings. If your email address is not correct, you can change it it by clicking on "Update Email Address"
  • Enter your preferred email address and click "Resend Email"
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