What happens when I report?

"Report" functionality is the most effective way to keep you and others members safe. 
When reporting a post or reply
After you report, a copy of the post or reply  at that point in time will be sent to all the administrators of your community and to the HealthUnlocked team as reference.
Every report will allow the community admins and moderators to: 
  • guide the conversation,
  • help those in need,
  • managing conflict, 
  • editing unsafe content, 
  • and, if needed, delete a post or reply 
All of the above will be done following explicit advice on how to keep the community a safe place for everyone. Therefore, it is important for you to read the guidelines that are specific for your community (usually "pinned"), and HealthUnlocked's Community guidelines and Term of use.
In those cases when the content is not aligned to the guidelines or terms, then actions will be taken accordingly. As mentioned previously, the admins can decide to edit the content, turn off the ability to reply or delete it. Depending on the severity, admins might also decide to restrict the member from posting in the community or escalate the situation for our HealthUnlocked team.
When reporting a private message
As the chat functionality is external to the communities, the HealthUnlocked Support Team will be the ones to receive your report, and review it as soon as possible. We encourage you to add a comment giving us as much information as you can, such a description of the wider context, so we can assess the situation faster and as always following HealthUnlocked's Community guidelines and Term of use.
Bear in mind that you can always mute a member who has sent you a private message.

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