What happens when I report?

"Report" functionality is the most effective way to keep you and others members safe. When reporting community content, It allows your moderation team to: 
  • guide the conversation,
  • help those in need,
  • managing conflict, 
  • editing unsafe content, 
  • if needed, delete a post or reply
  • restrict the author from posting,
  • or, as a last resource, remove them from the platform

When reporting a post or reply

  1. A copy of the contribution - at that point in time - is sent to the community moderation team and the HealthUnlocked team as reference.
  2. The team will check the category used to report, the reported contribution, and gather all necessary information to make a decision in accordance with your Community Guidelines, and Terms of Use.
  3. In those cases when the content does not align to your Community Guidelines, and/or Terms of Use, then actions will be taken depending on the severity of the breach. 

Range of actions when enforcing guidelines or terms here

When reporting a private message

  1. A copy of the message is sent to the HealthUnlocked team as the chat functionality is a private and external section to the community environment. 
  2. The team review the category, message, and author of the content. We encourage you to add a comment to help us understand the context of your report. 
  3. Depending of the severity, actions might be taken at the light of our Term of Use.
Bear in mind that you can always mute a member who has sent you a private message.
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