How do I join or leave a community?

To join a community:

Go to the home page of the community you want to follow and click " + Join" located under the title of the community.

Most community posts are visible to both members and non-members. By joining, you now have access to all the posts written there, including posts that are 'community only'.

When you join a community, we automatically subscribe you to the following emails to ensure you don’t miss out on conversations and forming connections with other members:
  • A daily digest which is a daily email that contains a quick overview of all the recent activity in your communities
  • Email me when someone writes a post or question I might be able to answer, within my communities
  • Email me when someone (an admin, or member of HealthUnlocked staff) creates a poll in my communities

To change your subscription to any of these emails, you can update your email settings and preferences here.

To leave a community: 

1. Go to the home page of the community you want to unfollow and click " X Leave"
2. A message will pop up asking if you want to unfollow the community, click " Leave Community

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