How does HealthUnlocked make money?

Our company mission is to connect people and organisations in the world of healthcare. We believe healthcare on an individual level can change for the better when we learn from others facing similar challenges. 

To get there, HealthUnlocked has to be free to our users, and free to our non-profit partners (advocates and health organisations). Our business goal is to build HealthUnlocked as a self-sustaining, growing company and to align our revenues with the interests, ethos and satisfaction of our users. 
Here's how we currently make money: 
1) Research 
HealthUnlocked invite individual users to join polls, surveys, research panels or research recruitment. This usually includes a referral fee to outside parties. We always do this through messages on the platform and never share the emails of our users. 
Users can, of course, opt out of such platform invitations at any time. You can read more about how to opt-out here
2) Applications 
We build condition-specific web-applications and license them for use on an annual basis. A major example is our electronic Holistic Needs Assessment for cancer patients that is currently in use in 65 hospitals. 
We are also testing out other models of generating revenue for the company. For example, another potential area of revenue might be limited and relevant sponsorship of content and health advertising on the platform.This will only be where we think it is appropriate and where we are comfortable that it will not be disruptive to the experience of our users.
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