Terms of Engagement for Affiliates

Last modified: 4/08/2020
An “Affiliate” (or “Community Partner”) refers to any health organization, patient group, hospital, or medical professional who has agreed to these “Terms of Engagement for Affiliates” of Everything Unlocked Limited (“HealthUnlocked”). This generally refers to partners who have a HealthUnlocked microsite as a “Community” within the website at healthunlocked.com (“Site”), for Community Members to share health experiences and provide mutual support).
By requesting a Community you agree to the following:
  1. HealthUnlocked continues to provide its standard online Community platform free of charge to Affiliates as well as to registered users (known as “Community Members”) with various services and features pursuant to separate terms. HealthUnlocked reserves the right to introduce a charge for other versions of the platform at any time, subject to separate or updated terms.
  2. Your Community may be branded with your health organization’s colours and logo, or by the colour and logo provided by you as the Affiliate, subject always to approval by HealthUnlocked.
  3. The Community team provides customer support (via https://support.healthunlocked.com), advises the moderation team on best practices, and manages spam. Premium support, as well as extra features and services, may be offered separately.
  4. Each Affiliate agrees to use its best endeavours, to regularly moderate and guide the conversation within its Community to provide the best-possible high-quality experience in terms of support and information-sharing among its Community Members.
  5. HealthUnlocked may, at its discretion, intervene to manage a Community when it believes it is in the best interests of Community Members or the Site including (without limitation) where an Affiliate leaves a Community and continues to allow Community Members to connect with others experiencing similar health challenges.
  6. Community Members can choose whether or not their healthcare experiences are shared with HealthUnlocked’s Research Partners via their individual account settings. Such healthcare experiences may include Community Members’ posts, comments, questions and answers and any other content that offers insight into living with a particular condition. Community Members may opt out of this in their individual account settings. For the avoidance of doubt, HealthUnlocked will not share personal details, such as email addresses, without the Community Member’s consent.
  7. HealthUnlocked and health organizations and other affiliates must keep the Communities free of commercial intrusion by ensuring Community Members do not use posts or questions to advertise any products. Advertising controlled by HealthUnlocked may be used in the future across all the HealthUnlocked platform.
  8. HealthUnlocked ensures that there is no direct contractual relationship between any health organization or other affiliate or Community Member and any Research Partner via HealthUnlocked (unless specifically arranged). However, if a Community Members, where invited and eligible, contributes to a particular project, there may be terms and conditions specific to that activity by which the Community Members may be bound.
  9. To support HealthUnlocked’s relationships with Research Partners, any promotion, research or information-gathering on the platform (by, or on behalf of, Research Partners or sponsors of health organizations or other affiliates) may be carried out only with the express prior consent of HealthUnlocked. To request consent, please email us at support+research@healthunlocked.com.
We reserve the right to change these Terms of Engagement for Affiliates from time to time without notice. We encourage you to review these Terms periodically to check you understand the latest version. Continued use of the Community and/or the Site is deemed to be your acceptance of any such changes and, if you are not happy with the amended terms you should stop using the Community and the Site.
These Terms of Engagement for Affiliates must be read in conjunction with HealthUnlocked’s general Terms of use. Any person registering on the Site will be bound by Terms of Use.
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