How do I search content within my community?

When searching for content on HealthUnlocked, it’s important to make the distinction between searching within your community, or within the site as a whole. This article is about searching solely within your community; for searching across HealthUnlocked, please see this article.

To search within a specific community on HealthUnlocked:

  • Go on to the community

  • The “Search” box should say “Search [Community Name]” (on mobile click “More” and then “Search” - the results will automatically be filtered to the community you are searching)

  • Type in few words related to what you’re interested in. Search works best using fewer but keywords!

  • This will take you through to the Search results page

Once on the Search results page, you should see all the posts written by others within your community, that have referenced your keywords either in the title of the post or the body (highlighted in bold on the Search page).

If you look at the “Filters” on the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see:

  • [Your community name]: The community you were searching through is the default setting. This Filter shows you Search results from that community only

  • All communities: This filter shows you Search results from across everything on HealthUnlocked

  • My communities: Selecting this option shows you Search results from only the communities that you are a member of

  • [Specific community name]: Depending on what you have searched, you should see the names of various different communities, ordered by the number of posts that matched your keyword search. Selecting one of these filters shows you Search results from the selected community only

  • You can “Sort” Search results by “Most relevant”, which will show the posts that closely match with your keyword OR by “Newest”, which will show the recently written posts that match your keyword

Here is a video to show how to search within a community:​

If you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties with any of this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Support Team at

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