Why is the post / comment / user I reported still on the site?

Reports of abuse are reviewed by the community admins and by HealthUnlocked, who will evaluate if the Community Guidelines have been breached, and then decide if any action needs to be taken straight away. If you don’t see any change within 48 hours, it is probably because there is not enough evidence for any action to be taken.

Here are a few examples where reports did not result in action:

Reported for Trolling
Case: User is not trolling, but is reported by others that believe he/she was previously banned for trolling under another username.

Why not ban the user? Unfortunately, it is very hard to properly confirm this type of suspicion. This means that unless we see the reported user confirming that he/she was banned before, we can’t take action. It is better to report when the user actually does something that can be considered trolling.

Reported for Offensive and threatening language
Case: Post / comment with personal / general outburst and frustration that uses borderline swear words like: crap, bloody, pissed.

Why not remove the content? There's often a lot of grey area on an online community and interpretation of what is (or is not) abusive / aggressive can be subjective. In those cases, it's down to each community admin to decide what can stay and what should go.

Reported for Spam
Case: Post / comment with links to products / services from a regular user of the community that has contributed normally before.

Why not remove the link or ban the user? Sometimes genuine users share external links. In those cases many admins allow links to stay, as long as they are not repetitive about it (share the same the link more than 1 out of every 10 contributions, for example).

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