What is the follow feature and how do I follow/unfollow people and posts?

The follow feature allows you to get updates when:
-Users you follow write new posts
-Posts you follow are updated 

Please note that you can only see the posts of users that you follow, if you are also a part of the community they are posting in.

To follow another user simply visit their profile and click the "+ Follow" button.
Following a post works the exact same way. You will find the "+Follow post" button next to the "Like" button on every post page, below the post.
If you want to stop following a user (or their post), just go back to that user’s profile (or post) and click the same button. 

What am I following?

To see the people you are following and who is following you, head over to your profile. You will see the lists of users you follow and users following you.

To see the posts you are following, head over to your newsfeed. You will see the lists of posts on the left side of the screen.


If your follower is not a member of your community, they will not be notified of your post.

If you do not want others to be able to follow you on HealthUnlocked, you can visit your account settings and untick the "Allow other users to follow me" box.
Before exiting the page, make sure you select the "Save changes" button. 
Please note that you will permanently lose all of your followers by selecting this option.

If you choose to not allow others to follow you on HealthUnlocked, they will still be able to follow anything that you write as a post. This distinction means that although a user won't receive an email every time you write a new post, they will receive an email every time someone replies to the post they are following. 

Users can still follow a post even if they are not members of the community you wrote it in, unless you make the post private to community members only. 

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