How do I assign a badge to a community member?

To learn how to make a new badge, please check out this article.

Just as it's easy to create a badge, it's also easy to assign them to the relevant members in your community.  

You can follow the steps below to assign a badge from a user's post:

  1. Click 'more' underneath the post

  2. Click on assign badges

  3. Click the appropriate badge (changes are saved automatically)

  4. Click finish
NOTE: to create a new badge you will need to visit the admin section in the community.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to assign a badge from the admin section:


1. Click on the "Admin" button on the righthand side of your community homepage

2. You will now be in the community settings menu; select the "Followers" button on the lefthand side

3. You will now see a page showing all of the members in your community. You can either use the search engine or browse through the list to locate members. Once you have found the member in question, click on "Assign Badge"

4. You can now assign the member one of the badges you have made by ticking the appropriate box, and then clicking the "Save" button. 

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