How do I update my community logo and background image?

To update your community logo and background image please email your images as JPEGs to and we’ll upload them to your community.

Please note our optimum dimensions to achieve the best visual effect:

Logo recommended size: 140x140px
Background recommended size: 2500px by 500px

Community display image tends to be more straightforward (most organisations use their logo), you have more options for the banner image. 

Some advice would be to:

  • Steer away from using text, logos or images oriented to the left or right in your banner, as they can be cropped off when viewing on different screen sizes

Good options for a banner include:

  • Images that are representative of your target audience and gives a community feel (e.g. a group of people chatting)
  • Clean, simple patterns or graphics that maintain integrity even when cropped

Check out the Beyond Psoriasis community and the BHF community for great banner examples.

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