What should I do if I experience a technical fault?

We are sorry that you are experiencing a technical fault with the website.

We want to assure you that we are constantly working to create a smoother user experience for you whilst we roll out new features.  
However, if you experience an issue using our services and none of the articles in the Help Centre resolve this for you, please use the "contact us" button with your answers to the following questions: 
Please include:
1) What you are doing when you experience the error? 
2) What device are you using? (eg: tablet, iPhone, windows computer etc) 
3) What web browser are you using to view HealthUnlocked? (eg: Internet explorer, firefox, google chrome etc) 
4) Are you using the HealthUnlocked app? (If so, please delete it and log in through a web browser) 
5) Is this issue consistent or intermittent? 
6) If you are seeing any error messages on a banner, what do they say? 

When sending us a message, it really helps us if you include as many details about the error as possible, so that there are no misunderstandings about what is happening and we can solve your issue as quick as possible. 

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