Needs assessment

The needs survey is a general assessment that has been designed to support self-management by identifying needs across five dimensions: psychological & wellbeing, independence & activity, treatment & care access, family & social, and information & support.

The assessment is a non-condition specific and non-prescriptive tool that:  

  • Allows individuals to categorise and prioritise their top needs at the time of assessment
  • Improves awareness and communication of needs
  • Empowers individuals to address opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing

Where can it be found?

The needs assessment can be accessed at any time through the member drop-down menu at the top of the page. Separate reports will be logged each time the assessment is taken.

How can this be helpful for you?

Included at the end of the assessment is an anonymous and aggregated community profile of needs, that we show to both members and admins. The community report can also be found in the admin section of your community. This will surface insights into the needs of your community, providing details on the level and variety of needs amongst the community population. The report will be up to date with the latest data.

One example of how beneficial this report can be is by highlighting a priority need category, such as information & support. From this insight, the specific need can be targeted and improved by sharing details of support groups within the community that members may not have found themselves.

NOTE: For privacy reasons, the community profile of needs will not show insights for communities with less than 10 members.

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