What does "joining a community" mean?

Congratulations! You have just joined a new community!
Joining a community means you now have access to all the posts written there, including posts that are 'community only', solely to members of that community. It also means you are part of a peer-to-peer support network with others in a similar position to you. 
To ensure you don’t miss out on conversations and forming connections with other members when you join a community we automatically subscribe you to the following emails:
A daily digest which is a daily email that contains a quick overview of all the recent activity in your communities
Email me when someone writes a post or question I might be able to answer, within my communities
Email me when someone (an admin, or member of HealthUnlocked staff) creates a poll in my communities
If you want to change your subscription to any of these emails, you can update your email settings and preferences here. You can update these settings at any time, as often as you wish. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us below!
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