Controlling your privacy

Your health experiences have the potential to transform lives and uncover understanding in health. Because this may involve you sharing sensitive information about your health, it is important that you understand how to control your privacy on HealthUnlocked.

If you would like to remain anonymous we encourage you to choose a non-identifiable username, as this is visible to others. If you have already signed up with an identifiable username (something close to your real name), you can change it in your account settings.

Privacy settings on HealthUnlocked:

Who can see my non-personally identifiable information? HealthUnlocked may anonymize and aggregate information collected through the site (e.g. polls, symptom surveys, etc). This information may then be published as a study or shared with our research partners. You can always control whether your information is used in this way. Visit your account settings to opt-out.

Who can view your approximate location? People Near Me is a feature that allows one user to see who from their community lives closest to them. We never show your exact location, just an estimated distance between you and others. You have to opt-in to be part of this feature, and you can opt-out at any time. Visit your account settings to opt-in.

Who can view your posts? When submitting a post or question you have the choice between making it visible to ‘Anyone’ (community members and visitors) or just to the ‘Community’ (community members only). Posts for the Community only are identified by a padlock icon. See this option every time you write a new post.

Who can follow you? If you are followed by others, it means that they will receive updates about your new posts.If one of your followers isn't a member of your community, they won't be notified of your private posts. You can visit your account settings page to opt in and out of being followed.

Who can view your profile information?
Your profile includes information about yourself such as your gender, age, country as well as conditions, symptoms and treatments. If there is a section you would like to keep private you need to tick ‘make private’ on the righthand side of the section. Visit your profile editor to make changes.

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Online safety tips

  • Have up-to-date security software 
  • Don't overshare personally identifiable information 
  • Be careful about the pictures you choose to post 
  • Use the privacy settings available to you
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