Suggested tags

What are they?

Suggested tags are health interests, conditions and treatments that we propose based on what you write in your post. Only health interests that are in our database will be recognised and added as suggestions.

Where do they appear?

Tags will appear below your post once it is published. You can choose to keep or remove them when you edit your post.

What are the benefits?

  • Tags enable other members to quickly identify the different health interests you refer to in your post.
  • They help other members with the same health interests as you to find your post.
  • You will get more tailored responses from members who identify with your content while helping others in their journey.
  • When you click on a tag, you are be taken to a "tag page" with a list of posts and communities where the health interest is mentioned. This will make it easier for people to find related content and communities discussing the subject. We have also partnered with the NHS. So, on the "tag pages", for some of them, you can see a "Learn More" at the top, which will allow you to find more information on the topic from the NHS. Example tag page:
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