Misinformation Policy

HealthUnlocked takes a zero-tolerance approach to misinformation, disinformation and any users or groups that create or spread it.  Misinformation is content that is false, inaccurate or a distortion of facts or events.  Any misleading content that could cause harm to the trust and safety of the HealthUnlocked community or the public will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Medically unsupported health claims that risk user safety including: anti-vaccination advice, promotion of false cures, or misinformation about public health issues;
  • Conspiracy theories or conspiratorial content that attacks a protected group or denies a tragic or violent event;
  • False or misleading content about elections or civic processes;
  • False or misleading content about protected groups that promotes fear, hate or prejudice or encourages making groups of people, individuals or organisations into targets of harassment or physical violence;
  • Content that originates from a disinformation campaign.
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