Is my email from HealthUnlocked or a Phishing email?

Occasionally, you may receive an email from HealthUnlocked asking you to participate in a survey, present a relevant research opportunity, or join a private community. These are genuine emails from us and should not be confused with phishing emails.

Phishing emails are becoming more common and are used to steal sensitive user information like their bank account details. 

This article will inform you on how to differentiate between emails sent from HealthUnlocked and phishing emails.

Features of a HealthUnlocked email

Update contact preferences:

At the bottom of every email, there will be an option to update your contact preferences. When you click on this option, you will be redirected to your HealthUnlocked settings page and will be able to see your avatar in the top right-hand corner. 

Email/domain address:

All emails are sent from an '' or '' domain email address. Please make sure to look out for this.

Who is it from?

All emails are sent by a member of the HealthUnlocked Team. This will either be displayed and/or signed at the bottom of the email. You can search for members in our team here

If you are ever in doubt, email

How to identify phishing emails:

Phishing emails

Email address
‘’ or '' email domain.
Public email domain for example ‘’, or misspelled domain.
Contact Preferences 
Hyperlink will lead you to your HealthUnlocked profile.
Hyperlink would lead you to a different website or will not work.
Professionally written.
Poorly written.
  1. The email domain may be a public domain for example ‘’. 
  2. The email domain may look like ‘’ or '' but be misspelled.
  3. You are unable to click on the hyperlink ‘update preferences’ at the bottom of the email. 
  4. The content from the email may be poorly written. 

How to check if you have received a phishing email:

  1. Check the message header to identify who has sent you the email and what email address domain they have.
  2. Check to see if the email has any personalisation, for example your username, sender picture at the bottom, support email address reference and update preferences hyperlink.
  3. Contact us via our contact form to enquire if we have sent this email to you.

Features of a Phishing Email

Phishing emails look like they are from companies that you trust. They may: 

  •  Say that they have noticed suspicious activity.
  •  Claim there is a problem with your account.
  •  Ask for payment information.
  •  Want you to click on a link to make a payment.
  •  Have a sense of urgency – ‘within 24 hours or immediately.’
  •  Incite negative emotions like fear or be threatening.
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