Options when replying to posts

You now have 6 different options when replying to a post, including the ability to add an image to your reply:

1. Select ‘B’ to make text bold. 
Type the text you want in bold and select ‘B’ again to deactivate. 

2. Select ‘I’ to make the text italic.
Type the text you want in italic and select ‘I’ again to deactivate. 

3. Select ‘U’ to underline the text 
Type the text you want to be underlined and select ‘U’ again to deactivate. 

4. Select ‘Emoji’ to view the menu.
Add as many as you want and select ‘Emoji’ again to hide the menu. 

5. Select ‘@’ to tag someone in your reply. 
Tag as many as you want, once you post they will receive a notification. 

6. Select the ‘image’ icon to open your device’s storage. 
Please note that some communities may have this option disabled by administrators.

  • Find and select an image on your mobile or desktop files. 
  • You will be asked to 'add description', this is a step to help the visually impaired. All members will be able to see your description.
  • The image will be expandable once you've replied.  

You can select 'Remove' to start over.

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