Community description

HealthUnlocked is a great platform to promote your organization does with new people. It is, therefore, important that they can easily access information about you and the great work that you do.  
Your community description is displayed in full on the About page of your HealthUnlocked community and a snippet is displayed in community search results.

It gives you the opportunity to communicate the main aims of the community and should open with a clear engaging first line. E.g. "We are a community of people affected by X condition..." 

People at HealthUnlocked have the option to search for content and for communities. The content written in the description is the basis of the community search results so make sure to add all key terms relevant to the topic. 

Moderation team members with a 'partner' or 'administrator' badge can edit the description by visiting their about page and selecting 'Edit description' on the drop down:

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