Why is my YouTube video is not playing?

There are two main reasons why youtube videos may not play.

1. You rejected our 'functionality cookies' when you first visited the platform.

YouTube embedded videos require cookies to work. If you have disabled cookies, you won't be able to view the video on HealthUnlocked. 
To change that you can go to 'Cookies settings' on the page footer and follow the instructions to enable 'Functionality cookies'.

2. The author does not want the video embedded. 

YouTube has a setting for video uploaders that allows them to stop their videos from being embedded.
Embedding videos allows you to take a video from YouTube and post it on another website. YouTube members are given a choice to restrict embedding, so if you post a YouTube video that has this restriction, it will not play on HealthUnlocked.
NB: This also applies to other sites like Vimeo. 
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