Sentiment feedback

HealthUnlocked collects sentiment feedback by asking 'Is the content of this post positive or negative?'. The answers provided are not, and will never be, visible to others. They are just for HealthUnlocked to train computers in sentiment analysis.

What is sentiment analysis? 

When computers automatically analyse the raw text on posts and assign a ‘sentiment’ score. This sentiment score could then be used to offer people the ability to filter content to focus on more positive posts.

Why would people want to focus on more positive posts?

There are two main cases where people might want to filter out negative experience: 
1. If you are in a delicate stage of your health journey and you feel triggered by reading negative experiences. E.g. recently diagnosed with cancer
2. If you are looking to avoid the possible nocebo effect of reading about the negative side effects of a treatment you are about to take.
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