Manage a Community

How do I assign a badge to a community member?

To learn how to make a new badge, please check out this article. Just as it's easy to create a badge, it's also easy to assign them to the relevant members in your community. You can follow the steps below ...

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How do I pin a post?

As a community administrator, if there is a post in your your community that you feel should stand out from the others, you can ‘pin’ the post. Pinning a post makes it easier to find, so that the information is...

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What is the "In Memoriam" feature?

In the unfortunate event that a user passes away, we have developed an “In Memoriam” feature which allows their profile page to remain on the site as a memory, but deactivates their account. Memorialised profi...

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Turn off replying on posts

Community admins can turn off / on replying on posts to control activity on the replies section. Please consider the steps below: 1. Do any edits You won't be able to edit content when replying is turned off. ...

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Community campaigns

Campaigns appear on the community homepage and on post pages. Who can create campaigns? Both the designated Community owner and HealthUnlocked can create campaigns. The campaign author is clearly indicate...

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Community Metrics

Located in the admin section are the community metrics, these can help to determine the growth of the community and understand the followers' behaviour. The metrics can be adjusted to compare growth and behavi...

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